Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My new book is published

My book, Incentivising excellence: school choice and education quality, has finally been published and it is available here.

The book considers the conditions that need to prevail for school choice to fulfil its promise in relation to improving educational outcomes. It contends that without attention to system design and supporting reforms geared to fundamentally altering the incentive structure in education, there is little reason to suggest that choice will generate significant gains. The book provides a comprehensive evaluation of the research regarding the effects of school choice - encompassing cross-national studies, in-depth discussions of national choice programmes in Sweden, Chile, the Netherlands, Denmark, and England, as well as smaller-scale programmes elsewhere - and exposes the flaws in design that have undermined their effectiveness. It goes on to consider lessons for policymakers and in particular the reforms necessary to bring about a functioning education market.

The main point I make in terms of policy prescription is that choice should be the cornerstone in a coherent reform package designed to transform the education system into an education market. I also discuss what such a reform package could look like.

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